Why your company should share its values ?

Why your company should share its values ?


At the origin of the marketing, the sent message blowed the merits of the service or the proposed product. The strong idea was to demonstrate the intrinsic qualities to seduce most possible consumers. It is the famous " Fresh fish, come and get it" still current on our local markets of sundays morning.
This communication amounted to the sending of rather repetitive and finally so numerous messages that they even became intrusive. The consumer found himself submerged by all these catchers.

Then how to make the difference ? And yes your neighbour also thinks that its fish is also fresh ! Therefore we invented the story telling. We created stories to differ from another. Consumer needed to listen to a tale, an adventure not to just consume the product but to dive into a magic world, to discover the range of possibilities, to listen some "once upon a time …"

...by crossing the borders of the storytelling. Your partners, your customers, your whole ecosystem is in search of sense today. It began with the local consumption, with the ethical purchases and also the organic food. These motivations now focus on the quest of sense and sharing values. The competitiveness and its the competitors forced companies on always more, always faster, always cheaper to the detriment of the respect for certain values more human as the ethics, the ecology, the morality or the socialness. The consumers and your partners need to share the values of your company or your organization.
Did you define your main values? Did you start a conversation with the actors of your territorial anchoring?

Through the organization and the funding of photographic projects Singular Lens is creating a dialogue. Supporting photographers works on different subjects will produce great series and will show the world the narrative photography, the one who asks questions, the one who makes people think. This photography allows to open a dialogue with your ecosystem. You have an opening approach, we wish to put our skills in your project.

"let's fulfil your commitment"

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